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Authentic Leader: Unstoppable Women in Leadership

With the Lord Davies report ‘Women on Boards’ stating that it will take 70 years for there to be gender equality in British Boardrooms, it is imperative for us as women that we create our own boardrooms and to ‘pull up as we rise’.  There is plenty of room at the top, it’s the bottom that’s crowded.

Due to the phenomenal success of the Authentic Leader programme across the education sector, Rosemary Campbell-Stephens MBE and Sharon Warmington are now rolling out the Unstoppable Women in Leadership programme across the private sector, globally.

Programme Aims and Objectives

Investing in the development of aspiring leaders to build leadership capacity and resilience across your organisations.

This inspirational programme provides a series of masterclass experiences taking leadership preparation to a whole new level.


  • To enable participants to become more self aware and confident in identifying their unique purpose in order to accelerate their career progression.
  • To offer a global process for living and leading authentically
  • To create a self sustaining professional learning network


  • To deepen levels of self-knowledge and understanding
  • To inspire ‘new’ leadership paradigms
  • To deepen levels of personal agency and resilience
  • To raise levels of confidence
  • To extend understanding around culturally competent leadership
  • To draw inspiration from our own and others’ lives
  • To explore a range of issues and challenges for aspiring leaders from global backgrounds
  • To inspire the creation of a network of peer support
  • To facilitate the development and implementation of personalised career progression plan


This programme builds on the legacy created and embedded by Rosemary Campbell-Stephens MBE over the last 30 years and the business acumen and expertise garnered by Sharon Warmington for almost 20 years. It takes the leadership preparation process to a new level for a different context and time.  All sectors are currently facing unprecedented challenges, particularly at leadership level and this leadership preparation programme takes account of:-

(a) What leaders bring to the process from their own backgrounds.

(b) The experience of the facilitators and their strategic partners

(c) The kind of leadership that is needed in these times


The programme is built on 3 key profound premises:

(1) that we bring who we are to our professional identities

(2) leadership is contextual to time and place

(3) authentic leaders empower others to lead.

The programme is based on global principles that if followed, will empower and inspire participants to become the authors of their own lives.  It will encourage the pursuit of purpose in our personal and professional lives.


“As a direct result of the authentic leaders course I have recently been appointed as a leader in another organisation which will enable me to develop the key provision and practices of my organisation.” L. FullerL.Fuller

“The course has empowered me to motivate others and lead from a paramount view by not reacting but being pro-active. Authentic Leader has been the driver for me to apply and successfully achieve my next step in leadership. Thank you” M.GordonM. Gordon

How to Book Your Place

The next programme is commencing in March 2017 so don’t delay in registering your interest and securing your place.

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