July 1

Sharon Warmington

…then it’s good enough for you too.  

I’m talking about coaching – and how working with a coach, either for business or for life, will make a significant difference to how you see things and how you succeed in achieving your goals.

I’ve worked and continue to work with various coaches, depending upon the area of my life or business I wish to work on and improve.  It’s important to recognise that no-one comes to the boardroom table with all the information, skills and knowledge required to do the job or succeed in their respective business, and this is where coaching kicks in.  

We all need a coach at some stage, if not at every stage of our life

Sometimes in our career or in our business , we become stuck or highly stressed out with the demands being placed upon us by Board members or operational staff, and we become isolated and alone.  Does this sound like you?  If so, then it’s time you got yourself a coach.

Going back to Usain Bolt… When his coach told him to get into a bathtub of ice and cold water, it was for his own long term benefit, despite the short term experience being very unpleasant (I imagine) and not something you’d want to repeat regularly. Nevertheless, he had to do it time and time again.  Similarly, a coach will often guide and expose you to different ways of thinking and operating. Of course it may be uncomfortable at first, but it’s important to remember that  a coach has a long term and/or helicopter view of your career, business or life. Based on what you reveal to them at the beginning and during your coaching sessions, they will be in a stronger and better strategic position to support your growth.

There are 3 very distinctive ways a coach can help you:

1. Get rid of tunnel vision

Working with someone who can help you to have a more holistic view of yourself, will undoubtedly allow you to grow and develop quicker.  A good coach will provide some ‘quick win’ examples or suggestions and some that are longer burning and require more time and effort.

2. Learn from their mistakes 

We’re all alike, and irrespective of gender, ethnicity or any other differences, I can guarantee some of your experiences will have been experienced by your coach too, so they can help you to properly navigate the terrain so that you step on fewer land mines. I’ve made 6 figure mistakes, so I found a coach who had lost more than I had and would therefore help me to minimise future losses – it worked.

3. Get feedback

When you’re a leader, obtaining feedback in terms of your leadership or management style (from subordinates) is usually few and far between, and when it comes, it is likely to be critical and can be emotionally driven.  Your coach is ‘removed’ from the situation and will provide you with a sounding board for your ideas and help you to structure your thoughts prior to implementation.

As an Executive and Business Coach, I work with individuals and organisations for the sole purpose of change and growth and every quarter I give away FREE coaching sessions for 2 or 3 people from anywhere in the world, who wish to advance their careers, build their business or tackle a personal issue that is holding them back.  

If you’re interested in securing a FREE Coaching session with me then just send an email to info@sharonwarmington.com with  3 goals you wish to focus on.

Try to have one short term, one medium term and one long term goal, so that I can help you to put some plans and actions in place for each one.

Remember, it’s never too late for you to make an impacting change in your life and on your road to success.

Have a great week and be UNSTOPPABLE

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