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Age means nothing when you’re UNSTOPPABLE!!

Posted at November 6, 2016 by Sharon on category Sharon Warmington
Amazon No.1 Bestseller

Amazon No.1 Bestseller

I’m constantly highlighting Unstoppable Women and I’ve always talked about unity and making things happen, so it was great to see this concept in practice recently.

Author of ‘THE LIFE HE CHOSE’, Candace Bertram, spent the 5th November 2016 creating amazing balloon displays for the MOBO Awards (under her ‘Berloons’ brand) and did so well that she was re-booked immediately for 2017.  

Most people would bask in that glory for a while and take the following day off work but not Candace.  She woke up to find her first book was on the Amazon Bestseller list at No. 9 and decided that she wanted to be No.1, by the end of the day.

The power of technology and the unity of women (and men of course), took over. The hours fly by and the book rose through the list straight to the No.1 spot, knocking Shakespeare into No.2 within 8 hours!! Now that’s a good day’s work.

Available for Kindle, The Life He Chose is in the Drama & Poetry category and tells the story of a young man with flash cars, fast money and illegal business deals. It was the tragic death of her older brother that inspired Candace to write this fictional story about a character called Jay.

Whatever he wanted, he made sure that he got it. It didn’t matter who got hurt along the way. Jay had no love for anybody but himself. His loyalty to his ‘boys’ was greater than his loyalty to his long-term partner Lauryn. She had no idea what sort of man she was with; but she wasn’t brave enough to leave him. He promised to change but a promise is a comfort to a fool. Love is a crazy thing and can make people do things they never thought they were capable of. ‘The Life He Chose’ is a captivating story of the everyday lives of two young people who make the wrong decisions in life and have to live with the consequences of their actions forever.

I was honoured to be at the book launch last year and before I’d even finished the first chapter, I ordered 10 more copies to give away as a MUST READ, especially for the younger generation.

Self publishing is never easy (I know because I’m doing it myself) but this just goes to show what can be achieved when YOU DECIDE how you want things to happen.

No man or woman is an island and we need each other to ‘pull up as we rise’.

Well done Candace, you truly are a young Unstoppable Woman  xx

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